Three Lochs Run – A Short but Sweet Ride

Making use of the recent great weather I tried the short Three Lochs Run described on Travelling from Broughton, I joined the route at Tweedsmuir continuing along the A701 towards Moffat stopping briefly at Ericstane to take in the view. It’s nearly a year since I moved to Scotland and I still can’t get over the roads and scenery.

The devils beef tub on the three lochs run
The Devils Beef Tub near Ericstane

Passing through Moffat I followed the signs for the Grey Mares Tail (A708) where quite a few sheep were on the road. They’re obviously used to traffic and they don’t move. It’s up to you to drive around them and the road is fairly narrow too. Further on the road widens, undulates and twists between the hills for a great ride.

Between the hills along the A708 moffat Waters
A708 Moffat Waters

I’d planned to stop at the biker friendly Glen Cafe by St Marys Loch for a coffee, but it looked fairly busy with holiday traffic so I carried on, turning off onto the Tweedsmuir road a little further on. This road is single track for much of the way with lots of passing points. There were also quite a few sheep by the road side; these were quite skittish and I had a very worrying moment when one ran out directly in front of me. The road takes you past Megget and Talla reservoirs to Tweedsmuir.

Megget reservoir
Megget Reservoir

The view approaching Talla is worth the trip alone and the best part of the Three Lochs Run. There’s a lay-by at the top to take in the surroundings. The descent to Talla is steep and narrow but easy on a bike.

Before the descent to talla reservoir. The best part of the three lochs run
A photo opportunity before the descent to Talla reservoir

The photos were taken within a span of 80 minutes and show how quickly conditions can change.

In addition to motorcyclescotland theres some good information at livefastdieold and the Breathtaking Roads video on YouTube (you might want to hit the mute button tho’ 🙂)

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