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New Addition – Suzuki Bandit 650

I’ve recently bought an oil cooled Suzuki Bandit 650 for longer trips. My two Honda VFRs both give me wrist ache fairly quickly, so I was looking for a middle weight bike with a more upright riding posture. I needed a reasonably priced, reliable model. The bikes which came to mind were either a Honda Hornet or Suzuki Bandit. A change is as good as a rest as they say, so I decided on the Bandit never having owned a Suzuki before.

Its a faired Suzuki Bandit 650 SA K6 model in very good condition. It came with fitted Scottoiler, Datatool Duo immobiliser and an Acumen gear indicator. The bright yellow tape was the first thing to go. Second was the Scottoiler, again this is down to personal preference but I’ve never seen the need for them with O ring chains. Having “lost” a bike in the past I’m very security conscious and the immobiliser is a welcome addition. Although I wouldn’t go to the trouble of fitting a gear indicator myself I can see it may be useful. It might also help me stop trying to select the imaginary seventh gear!

With and without rim tape – no contest!

The engine is a little noisier than I expected at tickover, nothing bad just a bit noisy. I suppose that may at least be in part due to it being air cooled. The obvious things to check are the valve clearances and the cam chain tensioner but that can wait for the moment – the weathers too good.

I’m happy with the performance, the seat is comfortable and the riding position is good although I’d like to lean towards the front just a tad more – perhaps slightly flatter bars might be better. The brakes are ok and I don’t find them spongey as some have reported. I can’t say anything about the ABS as I haven’t got myself into a situation where it’s kicked in yet. Importantly my wrists feel ok now after a ride and I’m looking forward to explore my new Scottish surroundings following some of the routes on the excellent Motorcycle Scotland site.

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