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Mazda 3 Infotainment Touchscreen Problem

I’ve had my 2014 Mazda 3 hatchback a little over 5 years and in that time I’ve never had a problem with it. However recently the infotainment touchscreen developed a fault. At a standstill the touchscreen would became erratic and take on a mind of its own, making random selections from the various menus. Typically it would repeatedly (and embarrasingly!) phone contacts by the bluetooth connection, change the audio source and make the satnav unusable. I should add that it was often impossible to navigate away from the page once it started doing its own thing. The following clip shows an instance when it had selected the sound settings screen with no input from myself.

A search revealed that this has been a problem affecting some owners over the years. The touch screen is only enabled at very slow speeds or at a standstill which explains why I had no problem when driving. Fortunately there’s a workaround to disable the touchscreen and just use the manual control dial. It’s worked perfectly for me and best of all its free. Not being able to use the touchscreen is only a minor inconvenience. As ever there’s plenty of information on YouTube and I found this video by martinc950 very helpful. Alternatively, theres also a software fix but I didn’t want to risk that. Here’s a summary of how I got on.

mazda 3 trim removal with plastic tool
Working from the passenger side window I carefully popped the retaining clips using a trim removal tool
mazda 3 trim withdrawal
The trim was withdrawn to….
mazda 3 trim withdrawal
reveal the white plug which was disconnected allowing removal.
mazda 3 infotainment securing bolt
Next the securing bolt (between the vents) was removed using a 10 mm socket on an extension.
withdrawing mazda 3 infotainment unit
The screen/chassis unit was very tight but eventually loosened. The two phillips screws on both retaining brackets can were then removed.
mazda 3 infotainment unit removed
The two cables were unplugged and the screen removed.
mazda 3 infotainment
The case is fastened to the chassis by four screws; two at the back and two underneath. Again the two parts are very tight.
Mazda 3 touchscreen ribbbon cable
The orange ribbon cable was unplugged and the exposed contacts covered with insulation tape.
Mazda 3 Infotainment Touchscreen Problem solved
The cable was then tucked away behind the board and and the parts reassembled.

The process took me a couple of hours and the mod works perfectly. No doubt it could be carried out much quicker but I was very careful separating some of the tightly fitted parts to avoid breakage.

Disclaimer: This is a summary of how the workaround worked for me and is not the official or necessarily the correct way.

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