Knockhill BSB limited to 1000 spectators

Knockhill BSB Event Limited to 1000 Spectators

I’ve received an email from Knockhill Racing Circuit advising me that the British Superbike Championship event due to be held on the 10 and 11 July will be limited to 1000 spectators per day. Needless to say I’m not one of the lucky few:

British Superbike Event Update: 
Following the First Minister’s announcement on Tuesday 15th June that a three-week delay in Scotland moving to Level 0 would take place, unfortunately this delay, will impact upon our Bennetts British Superbike Championship event scheduled for 9/10/11 July. Even with this delay, Fife Council still had the power to increase our capacity and we had very productive on-going discussions with them to allow a respectable, safe number on-site, with our suggested number covering all pre-purchased tickets. 
It was only last week that Fife Council advised that permission to increase numbers had been withdrawn, leaving us only 1000 spectators per day.  This news was truly devastating for everyone. Not only for the fans, but for local businesses, traders, accommodation providers and the whole Fife economy. 
Due to the 1000 per day restriction, we regret to advise all tickets have now been allocated and we are unable to fulfil your ticket purchase this year.   

Knockhill Events Team

So far I’ve generally agreed with the Scottish Governments approach to Covid. However I’m finding it increasingly hard to understand recent decisions and events. Recently in Edinburgh I visited the St James Shopping Centre which was extremely busy with long queues outside many of the shops. Then there’s 3000 football fans twice daily in the fanzones, large crowds at Wembley and Wimbledon. I understand that some inconsistencies are inevitable and there are many conflicting issues. However a limit of 1000 spectators in the large, open area of the Knockhill Racing Circuit makes no sense to me – I know where I’d feel safer!

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