formula ford upside down

Spectacular Formula Ford Crash

These Formula Ford crash images are from a sequence of photographs I shot in 1994 at Donington Park, which I came across recentley while tidying my files. They were taken on a Canon EOS 620 using Ektachrome 200 pushed to ISO 400. Consequently they are quite grainy and the original transparencies are slightly damaged as well.

Nick Fleming and Omar Bettin collide in their formula ford cars
Nick Fleming gets nudged by Omar Bettin at the Esses
Nick Flemings formula ford begins to roll
The car begins to roll……
Flemings formula ford is briefly airborne upside down
and is briefly airborne.
nick fleming crawls from car unhurt
Nick crawls from his car unhurt.

However while they capture the incident very well they also illustrate the downside of film cameras for sports photography and that was the number of exposures available. Film was usually 36 exposures long and I took this sequence during the last race with perhaps seven frames left.

Fleming and Bettin had been dicing for some laps and I sensed that something was going to happen. I could see by the marshals reactions before they came into view that they were close. Sure enough they appeared with wheels interlocked and I shot the inevitable sequence of this Formula Ford crash. Fortunately no one was hurt and I got several decent images. Howevert I didn’t get the car as it burst into flames or the marshals tackling the blaze because I ran out of film. I sometimes think back to my Olympus OM2n and EOS 620 with great affection. Very different cameras but both very capable in their own way. Now I’d find it hard to go back to film with its limited number of exposures, grain and that agonising wait for the roll to be developed? It would be unthinkable now.

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