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Lockdown Project - Tamiya Honda RC30

Tamiya Honda VFR750R RC30 model kit

I started assembling this kit a little while ago with mixed results (more on that later) and shelved it due to a lack of confidence in my ability to apply the large decals. You only get one go! Anyway, now seems a good time to finish it off.

tamiya RC30 box

The instructions are fairly clear and the individual components are numbered to help identification. The fairing is transparent so that you can see the engine details or it can be painted and there are faint lines in the mouldings to help. At the moment I'm unsure which path to take. The tank panels and seat are all in white.

RC30 grey parts

RC30 black parts

tamiya decals rc30

Its a very long time since I made any models but initial assembly was fairly straight forward using Revill glue dispenser with a needle applicator. This allowed precise application without excess glue and I painted most parts before assembly. My main problem was the painting, particularly the metallics using a brush and in retrospect I realise spraying would have given a much better result. Brush marks are visible in certain light and are especially in photographs!

Tamiya rc30

I'm now at the point of applying decals to the tank and panels but first I'll I'm going to do my homework and watch a few YouTube tutorials

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