Trackside - Documentary Motorsports Marshalling Film. Update.

Only 7 days left and the project is still short of its £5000 target. At this moment, 39 backers have pledged a total of £1390.
I'm surprised by the response as this film will look at motorsport from a different angle and there are benefits to backers depending on the amount pledged. Although pledges can be as little as £5, £15 gets you a high definition download of the film - its just like buying the film! Theres also one each of shirt, cap and model car courtesy of Toyota Hybrid WEC team signed by Wurtz and Davidson - each one is available for £80.
All this is academic though as the project will only be funded if the target is met by the 2nd March 2014 9.00pm. Further details at Kickstarter.

Updated 2 March - A close run effort, £5037 raised by 47 backers just in the nick of time!

Trackside - Documentary Motorsports Marshalling Film

After reading about Trackside on Graham Keillohs excellent site Talking About F1 I've pledged a few pounds on Kickstarter for the project to produce a documentary film following motorsport marshals. In their own words

"Trackside is an independent feature length documentary film produced by Soft-Focus Productions. It will follow several track marshals in Motorsport. We will follow several Motorsport marshals in the UK. Without marshals Motorsport literally could not happen. These men and women volunteer week in and week out, putting themselves at the centre of the action and risking their lives to keep this sport alive."

Marshals are a hardy bunch with some larger than life characters who regularly face potentially dangerous situations often whilst braving the worst of UK weather. Its a rich subject matter and I hope they get the necessary backing. If you want to pledge, which can be as little as £5 you can do it here.

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