Sony Xperia T Camera

I have to admit when cameras first appeared on mobile phones I discounted them as gimmicks. I never believed they would be as capable as they have become. I’ve recently read that more photos are taken on mobile phones than on stand alone cameras, but unfortunately many photographs taken on mobiles are blurred, “noisy” and dull.
My current mobile is a Sony Xperia T and I have found the 13 MP (10 MP at 16:9 aspect ratio) camera really handy. However when the light is less than perfect I find the images can be flat and noisy. Today I stumbled on a car rally in Beverley and without my regular cameras I put the Xperia into action.


The shot above is fairly typical and I’ve noticed for some time now that greens and reds particularly are very noisy. Ive found that I get best results by importing the photographs from the phone into Aperture 0n my Mac and then using the plug-in Neat Image to remove noise and to sharpen them up a little. The whole process takes minutes and the results are worthwhile as the following images show.