Honda VFR400 NC24 Pages Added

I’ve just added a three page account about my Honda VFR400 project which I have just about completed. I’ll be adding a little more detail and more photographs in the next week or so.

Honda VFR400 NC24

The rebuild took much longer to complete than I anticipated not to mention the cost, but these things tend to develop….


New Site Format

I’ve decided to let my motorsport-images domains go and I will now just be using this domain with the new site design. Unfortunately I’ve managed to mess up my previous blog entries, they are now history and I’ve had to start anew. I was initially annoyed with myself but its going to be an interesting exercise starting with a newly registered domain and pagerank N/A to see how quickly (or slowly) its authority and ranking grows.
I’m also writing a new section on the restoration of my Lucky Strike replica Honda VFR400 which is nearly complete - it all started when I saw an ad on the for sale board in a local shop window….