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Cadwell Park International Classic 25 July 2015

For this event I decided to take my Canon 40D DSLR with Tamron 18-200 mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD lens ideal for both on track action and paddock shots. I bought this lens with my Canon 20D many years ago on recommendation and was instantly disappointed - I thought it was the worst purchase I had ever made. Images often had a “muddy” look, weren’t as sharp as they should be and the auto focus was unreliable. Consequently I rarely used it. However I’ve recently been using it on the 40D and to my surprise it’s a completely different lens on this body! Obviously it’s not as sharp as my favourite Canon 70-200mm L but its perfectly acceptable and overall, gives good results.
Anyway, the meeting was one of the best planned and most enjoyable events I've been to for a long time. Besides the track action there was a display area in the paddock with variety of club displays, collections and a stage. So much was going on it was difficult to get around without being distracted. A programme was a must and even this impressed - nice design, a good read and well worth a fiver.

gold star owners club stand

First stop was the Gold Star Owners Club immaculately restored bikes and lots of chrome, a nightmare to photograph close up on a sunny day!

Honda RC45

Further on there was a nice line up of RC45s, Honda's iconic 1990s superbike.

Honda RC30

I stopped quite a while for a chat at Road & Race Classics who specialise in the sales, repair and restoration of classic road and race motorcycles. The two bikes that caught my eye were a Honda RVF 750 RC45 and a Honda VFR750R RC30 (a French Bol D'Or import). Both great bikes but I love the classic paintwork of the RC30, if I had a spare £17000 I'd have it! You can find more bikes and details at Road & Race Classics.

Peter Williams

On to the stage where Steve Plater interviewed Peter Williams - a brief but interesting history of his time as a rider and engineer with some amusing anecdotes.

Read and Agostini

James Hayden had his work cut out but did a good job interviewing Phil Read and Giacomo Agostini. Plenty of banter and a some good laughs - Ago came across as very funny and charismatic.

MV4 Phil Read

Wandering around the display area a little later I came across Phil Read firing up the MV Agusta 4 cylinder on his way to one of the parades.

John player norton

Here he is earlier in the paddock after returning the John Player Norton. Peter Williams in the background.

Agostini MV3

This is a photo I never thought I would take - the legendary Giacomo Agostini on the MV Agusta 3 cylinder going through Hall Bends……..

Honda six

and this was a bike I never thought I'd see or hear in action, the fantastic sounding Honda 6 ridden by John Cronshaw.

All in all a great success, rare and exotic bikes with past and present stars seemingly around every corner. Johnathon Palmer should be rightly proud of the event that he and the staff have organised. My only regret is that I didn't attend both days.


Mallory Bike Bonanza 11 July 2015

Another two day event, I went on Saturday and unfortunately most of the big names were there on Sunday. Still there was more than enough to see on the track and in the paddock, with the added advantage that was undoubtedly easier to get about. A good cross section of restorations, specials and classic racers were scattered around the circuit and paddock - some of my favourites follow!

Suzette a suzuki velocette motorcycle

A Velocette in a Suzuki frame - can't imagine what it would be like the other way round!

Lynton 500 motorcycle

This is a 1968 Lynton 500 DOHC 4 valve, a one off, made by Colin Lyster. The bottom half is a Hillman Imp engine with Lysters own cylinder head. A lack of funds apparently led to the project being abandoned.


I don't think I've ever seen so many holes drilled in one motorcycle.


Beautiful Vincent Comet.


Good looking Kawasaki Z440 cafe racer.

mv agusta f4 rc

I love MVs, this 2015 MV Agusta F4 RC (1 of just 250) must be the best looking bike out there.

mv f4

Just to rub it in this was around the corner.

mv f4

And then another.

burdin derny

At the other end of the scale was this gorgeous little French 75cc Burdin which is actually a "derny" used as a pacing machine for cycling events.

gillette 3 cylinder special

A Gillette Special195cc. Take 3 Mobylette moped cylinder heads and cylinders with home built crankcases in a Gilera frame and you have a Gillette.

classic triumph

I liked this - the bike / rider combination had a good period look although I couldn't identify the Triumph model.

phillips panda

Going for it! Vanessa McGlone getting the last mph out of her 1962 49cc Phillips Panda.