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BTTC Brands Hatch 13 October 2013

I’d been looking forward to this event for weeks having booked tickets for Sunday. The trip from the hotel to the circuit set the scene - heavy rain and poor visibility due to spray. Undaunted I carried on, optimistically thinking it would blow over a little and I still felt positive when I arrived at Brands.
Although it was still raining fairly heavily it was warm and it looked a little brighter on the horizon.

brands car park

Not a fancy impressionist filter effect but the view through running water on my windscreen.

The first race was the Porsche Carrera Cup and I couldn’t keep up with the spins and gravel trap action, the conditions were certainly tricky due to running water at some points on the circuit. Next out were the Ginetta GTs and conditions seemed a little better initially, the racing was quite close but there were a number of retirements due to cars ending up in the barriers or gravel.

ginetta gt

Ginettas assembling in the paddock for Race 2

It was at this point there was a deluge which caught me out and left me soaked to the skin, I’ve never been caught out like that before. I waited for the BTTC race which was delayed for 15 minutes and seemed an age as the cold wet jeans sticking to my legs sucked all the warmth out of me. Even my walking shoes were full of water. The race finally started and was led from start to finish by Jason Plato driving brilliantly as tho he was on rails. I thought that Gordon Sheddon who was second would challenge for the lead at one point but Plato built up a decent gap by the end. And that was it, I was so soaked I couldn’t last any longer and left. Judging from the cars leaving the car park I wasn’t the only one in the same frame of mind.

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