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Moto Time Attack, Cadwell Park 16 July 2017

There was a sizeable crowd for the launch of Moto Time Attack, which is based on the successful format for cars where the winner is determined by the fastest lap time. The high attendance was undoubtedly boosted by good advertising in the local press, TV and radio, free entry and the heavily publicised attendance of Guy Martin. Not only was admission free but there was no charge for the event programme either. I'll let the MTA provide the details..

About Moto Time Attack [MTA]. MTA is a competition for riders to set the quickest lap on their machine in accordance with a class that is relevant to both rider and motorcycle. Classing is currently based on engine size and bike specification, as well as taking into account rider experience and speed. Bikes are run in timed sessions by class, with competitors on track together. The aim of MTA is to allow riders to participate in a series of timed sessions during the event, perfecting setup and times until the Final session when the lap times result in the final classification for the class podiums. MTA regulations are set together with the ACU to form specific and unique rules that only apply to MTA. MTA timing is handled by industry leaders, TSL.

Guy Martin pushing his Martek

I'd just arrived as Guy Martin coasted to a halt in front of me on the GSX - R1100 based Martek due to an ignition fault. Rather than take the recovery truck…

Guy Martin pushing Martek

with a little help he pushed it back, but the paddock entrance at the Mountain is a lot steeper than it looks.

guy martin honda CBR 1000RR

Guy Martin again but this time on the Honda Fireblade

tom neave kawasaki zx6r

Under 600 Pro winner Tom Neave on the Kawasaki ZX6R

tim neave kawasaki

Twin brother Tim followed in 3rd place

phillip crowe _bmw

Phillip Crowe BMW S1000R posted the fastest lap of the day (1:29.425) but unfortunately couldn't reproduce it in the final and ended up 2nd in the Over 600 Pro class. That honour went to…

chrissy rouse bmw

Chrissy Rouse also on a BMW S1000R with a time of 1:29.725

dan moss Kawasaki ZXR400

Got to be the rider of the day, Dan Moss claimed 2nd place in the 600 - Club class on his 1995 Kawasaki ZXR400

moto time attack

The Moto Time Attack was a good, entertaining day particularly suited to Cadwell Park and I'll definitely go again. However it seemed to me that a significant number of people had gone just to see Guy Martin, there was a small crowd around him all day long. Whether or not similar attendances can be repeated with an entrance charge and without a TV personality remains to be seen.

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