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Thundersport GB Championships. Cadwell Park 28 May 2017

cadwell park
Saturday was definitely the best choice, warm and sunny all day.

greg madero
Greg Madero, Kawasaki 650, celebrates after winning both Supertwin races.

johnny towers
Johnny Towers, Kawasaki 650 was runner up in both Supertwin races.

jason markham
Jason Markham survives a trip on the grass out of Coppice

Michael Neeves
Michael Neeves, BMW 1000

dave brook
Dave Brook, BMW 1000

lee williams
Lee Williams, Kawasaki 1000

Luke Macrea
Luke MacRea accelerating hard at the start of the Supersport race.

chris ganley
Chris Ganley, Yamaha 1000 - brave and inspirational I wouldn't have thought it possible.

Sportsman and Elite 600 riders
Sportsman and Elite 600 riders held at the chicane after red flag.

william white
William White, 600 Elite points leader

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