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Barton Bike Night July 8th 2017

barton bikenight 2017

For the 21st annual event, Barton Bike Night was moved from Wednesday to Saturday. I arrived early, well before the 4.00pm start time and the town centre was filling up fast. in the few years I've been attending its got noticeably busier each year and the organisers claim that it brings £200,000 a year to the local economy. Its not hard to imagine when they were quoted as predicting between 10,000 to 15,000 people and 5000 to 7000 bikes to attend.

puch skeleton

This year on a Puch moped, but I remember him from last year when he turned up in a sidecar

suzuki katana

This Katana caught my eye, immaculate and business like - would have been nice to have listened to it.

yamaha _trike

This Yamaha trike looked every bit the part and attracted lots of attention

scunthorpe powder coating

Scunthorpe Powder Coating had a stand displaying motorcycle frames and wheels in various finishes along with some novelty motorised cycles.

scunthorpe powder coating

SPC finished both my VFR 400 and 750 wheels in gloss white (they look really smart!) and most of the 750's brackets and fork yokes in a durable satin black. Turnaround times were good and prices reasonable.

barton bike night guitarist

This man was good, played Hendrix while I stopped to listen. I'm assuming thats his house….


Hmmm ok then…………

suzuki intruder

This Suzuki Intruder stood out from the crowd with its multi coloured skull art work.

dunlop honda rc45

A nice collection of Honda RC45s.


As usual Harley-Davidsons were well represented - check those spokes.

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