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Motorcycle Live 2013 - NEC

That time of the year again and I wasn’t disappointed with Motorcycle Live 2013. I thought I’d go on Monday to avoid the crowds but I was told that it was actually busier than Sunday. Its hard to find fault, theres plenty of manufacturer support and something for all tastes and ages. As ever the Black Horse stage entertainment was a crowd puller - while I was there Gino Rea was racing members of the public on a virtual track with commentary from Steve Parrish. The show runs until Sunday 1 December so theres still time to visit.

Victory motorcycle with girls

Without a doubt the Victory Motorcycle stand was one of the busiest at the show (see it in the gallery)

Chris Walker

Chris Walker on the Kawasaki stand.

Krazy racer custom Motorcycle

The aptly named Krazy Racer on the Ace Cafe stand, powered by S & S 100 cubic inch Buell motor.

milwaukee yamaha R6 motorcycle

Competition to replace the rear wheel in the fastest time on this Milwaukee Yamaha R6.

Indian motorcycle

For American motorcycle fans there was a well thought out Indian stand featuring the Chief model, all 1811cc of it.

tatoo skull motorcycle tank

Some truly outstanding paintwork on display.

Skull painted motorcycle headlight cowl

Imagine seeing this in your rearview mirror.

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