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Honda VFR750 Project Nearly Completed

Not much to do now to get my Honda VFR750 on the road. Finding decent fairing panels has been difficult and taken some time, I don't have the lower and mid panels but that won't stop me from getting it MOT'd and on the road. I'm tempted to go the half fairing route as the kit sold by Pferrer which really looks great. If I do go for the half fairing then I will have to sort something out with the coolant reservoir, but I've got an idea……
The traditional and most common colour is red but I decided at an early stage of the build to go with Lapis Blue and I'm really pleased with the result, particularly as there is a near perfect colour match between all of the components after cleaning and polishing.

Honda VFR750

I need a screen, mudguard and a few minor bits and pieces and its ready to go. It starts on the button and sounds great but theres a very slight misfire which I'm hoping will clear on running. Anyway barring any unexpected gremlins I should get a full summers riding in.

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