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British Superbikes, Snetterton 17 June 2018

A good days racing but the highlight of the meeting for me was the second British Superbike race and that incredible drag to the finish between Josh Brookes, Leon Haslam and Jake Dixon, with Haslam completing the race double. The start finish line isn't my usual vantage point as action shots there are generally confined to boring side on panning shots. However on this occasion nothing could have been further from the truth witnessing one of the most exciting finishes I've seen for some time.

leon haslam

Leon Haslam studies Josh Brookes and his McAMS Yamaha on the grid

josh brookes

Josh Brookes, McAMS Yamaha flat out along the straight

brookes haslam and dixon

The last corner and Brookes leads Haslam and Dixon

Haslam gains on Brookes followed by Dixon

Haslam starts to gain on Brookes closely followed by Dixon

Haslam and Brookes collide

Haslam and Brookes collide on the drag to the line - Jake Dixon hidden behind Haslam

Haslam and Brookes collide

Knees and elbows come into play, with Josh Brookes eventually losing out to Haslam and Dixon.


Auto 66 at a Cold Wet Cadwell Park 1 and 2 April 2018

My first visit of the year to Cadwell Park was a bitter disappointment due to the weather. I decided to go on the Sunday of the two day Auto 66 Club event and driving in torrential rain I tried to convince myself that I could see the weather breaking up in the distance. However conditions were the same at the circuit and signs at the entrance asked spectators not to park on the grass - fair enough but where then? The first hour was spent in the car as the weather was foul and track activities were suspended. It's a credit to the staff and marshals that the full programme of racing resumed after the track had been cleared of standing water and the rain had subsided. However the weather was so bad on day 2 that Mondays event was cancelled.

A very wet Cadwell Park

I spent the first hour or so in the car, listening to the radio and admiring the scenery.

Paul Marley, Kawasaki

Paul Marley, Kawasaki

Mark Goodings, Kawasaki

Mark Goodings, Kawasaki

Lee Harpham 125 TM

The superkarts were good fun through the Hall Bends, Lee Harpham 125 TM


British Superbikes, Cadwell Park 18-20th August 2017

A strange weekend where a number of riders had unexpected problems. Notably, Josh Brookes was unable to get a decent setup and had to settle for 12th and 7th places. Shane Byrne was never entirely happy with the feel of his Ducati and retired in Race 2 with a mechanical fault. Dan Linfoot was pushed onto the grass and had to ditch his Honda to avoid colliding with following riders but unfortunately hurt his fingers as he fell preventing him from taking part in Race 2.

Dan Linfoot on the grass

Linfoot finds himself on the wet grass

Dan Linfoot Laying Bike down

To avoid running across the track he lays the bike down and…


Moto Time Attack, Cadwell Park 16 July 2017

There was a sizeable crowd for the launch of Moto Time Attack, which is based on the successful format for cars where the winner is determined by the fastest lap time. The high attendance was undoubtedly boosted by good advertising in the local press, TV and radio, free entry and the heavily publicised attendance of Guy Martin. Not only was admission free but there was no charge for the event programme either. I'll let the MTA provide the details..

About Moto Time Attack [MTA]. MTA is a competition for riders to set the quickest lap on their machine in accordance with a class that is relevant to both rider and motorcycle. Classing is currently based on engine size and bike specification, as well as taking into account rider experience and speed. Bikes are run in timed sessions by class, with competitors on track together. The aim of MTA is to allow riders to participate in a series of timed sessions during the event, perfecting setup and times until the Final session when the lap times result in the final classification for the class podiums. MTA regulations are set together with the ACU to form specific and unique rules that only apply to MTA. MTA timing is handled by industry leaders, TSL.

Guy Martin pushing his Martek

I'd just arrived as Guy Martin coasted to a halt in front of me on the GSX - R1100 based Martek due to an ignition fault. Rather than take the recovery truck…

Guy Martin pushing Martek

with a little help he pushed it back, but the paddock entrance at the Mountain is a lot steeper than it looks.


Barton Bike Night July 8th 2017

barton bikenight 2017

For the 21st annual event, Barton Bike Night was moved from Wednesday to Saturday. I arrived early, well before the 4.00pm start time and the town centre was filling up fast. in the few years I've been attending its got noticeably busier each year and the organisers claim that it brings £200,000 a year to the local economy. Its not hard to imagine when they were quoted as predicting between 10,000 to 15,000 people and 5000 to 7000 bikes to attend.

puch skeleton

This year on a Puch moped, but I remember him from last year when he turned up in a sidecar

suzuki katana

This Katana caught my eye, immaculate and business like - would have been nice to have listened to it.

yamaha _trike

This Yamaha trike looked every bit the part and attracted lots of attention

scunthorpe powder coating

Scunthorpe Powder Coating had a stand displaying motorcycle frames and wheels in various finishes along with some novelty motorised cycles.

scunthorpe powder coating

SPC finished both my VFR 400 and 750 wheels in gloss white (they look really smart!) and most of the 750's brackets and fork yokes in a durable satin black. Turnaround times were good and prices reasonable.

barton bike night guitarist

This man was good, played Hendrix while I stopped to listen. I'm assuming thats his house….


Hmmm ok then…………

suzuki intruder

This Suzuki Intruder stood out from the crowd with its multi coloured skull art work.

dunlop honda rc45

A nice collection of Honda RC45s.


As usual Harley-Davidsons were well represented - check those spokes.